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SKU: 1374
Sales price: £26.74
SKU: 1371
90 cm
Sales price: £49.23
SKU: 1259
Sales price: £13.50
SKU: 1260
Sales price: £13.05
SKU: 198
480 mm
Sales price: £40.95
SKU: 1261
720 mm
Sales price: £49.86
SKU: 5010
Sales price: £10.70
SKU: 2608
400 mm , 450 mm , 500 mm
Sales price: £1.22
SKU: 1270
250 mm ,300 mm ,350 mm
Sales price: £0.90

Furniture Accessories and components

Each piece of furniture can be very easily and quickly modernize and improve its functionality. We offer wide range of furniture components to any cupboards and wardrobes. Just use the furniture accessories. We are the leader in terms of quality, price and range of furniture accessories and furniture components uk. Our offer has more than 1,000 furniture accessories, which makes for a low price your old furniture like new. A new piece of furniture being able to further enhance its functionality. Visit our showroom in Leeds Morley UK or website and take advantage of our wide range of furniture accessories. Here you will find furniture accessories, wider range of furniture components to kitchens, bedrooms, living room and much more which gives a stunning to all your furniture.