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SKU: 4346
Sales price: £264.00
D 60 PK / 2333
SKU: 4349
Sales price: £248.00
SKU: 4370
Sales price: £647.00
SKU: 4364
Sales price: £429.00
SKU: 4392
Sales price: £304.00
W 50/92
SKU: 4378
Sales price: £564.00
W 50/92
SKU: 4385
Sales price: £564.00
W 40 P/L
SKU: 4387
Sales price: £316.00
W 40 W full
SKU: 4389
Price: £399.00
Sales price: £299.00
W 40/92
SKU: 4388
Sales price: £282.00
SKU: 4390
Sales price: £339.00
W 60 SU
SKU: 4379
Sales price: £469.00

Custom sized kitchens & kitchen components

Is your kitchen small ?? or are you a lucky customer how has a big kitchen ?? In both cases looking to furnish kitchen with kitchen components which makes a kitchen functional and every space well managed ?? it never was so simple. We offer a range of kitchen components suitable to all kitchen cabinets. With us you can make your cabinets with soft close system or handless. Fantastic pull out cargo can help you organized a small space that you have. It is so easy just grab a handle and pull out and see what you have in !! Try and you will love it. Perfect soluction offered is not only for individual customers but also for companies who use components and at the end customers receives beautiful furniture with functional interior. All kitchen components uk can be used not only on the kitchen but anywhere you want. Do you have furniture with basic equipment ? simply buy any of our kitchen components and make your life easy.